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Our Process


Virtual Consultations

Set an initial meeting with our team to discuss your project, our process, and how we can add value. A virtual consultation with one of our professional remodeling consultants is the first step in the process of transforming your home. Our team will assess your needs to determine if we're a good fit for your project and leave you with a plan for the next steps.


Keeping it Clean

Before the construction process begins, our team takes great measures to protect the spaces we won't be working on. This includes setting up floor-to-ceiling plastic dust barriers, multiple layers of floor protection, and negative air pressure generators with dust filters to ensure your home still feels like home even during a major remodeling project.

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Pre-Construction Design

Beautiful homes start with beautiful design. During our pre-construction design process we'll gather information from you that we'll use to begin drafting and designing your new space. At the end of the design process we will deliver you a fully designed space including floor plans and elevations with a construction budget that meets your needs.

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Project management is our job

For many of our clients, time is their most precious resource. You want a beautiful kitchen or bathroom but you don't have the time or energy to take on a second job, fielding questions from carpenters all day, then managing the project yourself when you get home from work. Many remodelers can create beautiful work. Few remodelers can create beautiful work and deliver an experience carefully designed to minimize the impact a major remodel can have on our clients' busy lives.

Our Story

Mahogany Builders was founded in 2000 by Matt Lederer. When remodeling his own home, Matt found a lack of professionalism in Chicago's remodeling industry. Matt assembled a crew of skilled carpenters and remodeled kitchens and bathrooms for friends and family on the side until demand for his team's skill and professionalism made it clear he had an opportunity to turn his side business into his main business. 

Matt and Wes met in 2010 when Matt was in the middle of moving Mahogany Builders out of a rented office in Wrigleyville into its own space on the Southport Corridor.  Wes was finishing his graduate degree and Matt was overwhelmed with administrative tasks. Wes took on roles that freed up Matt to focus on growing the business. And grow, it did. 

Our company expanded during the early-2010s with the addition of our remodeling consultant Patrick Motherway. At this time our team embraced the design + build model and expanded our services to offer high-end design as well as custom cabinetry.

As Matt and Wes added members to the Mahogany team, they instilled the values that still guide us to this day:

  • Deliver our clients the highest quality remodeling experience possible 

  • Value our clients’ time as highly as they do 

  • Design beautiful, unique spaces that are reflective of their owner

  • Respect our clients’ homes as if they were our own

  • Improve the lives of everyone we interact with: employees, clients, industry partners

  • Be a place our employees are proud to work and never want to leave

In 2016 Mahogany was named as one of Remodeling Magazine's Big 50, honoring the nation's 50 most innovative remodelers. Shortly after, we joined an organization that dramatically changed the trajectory of our company. Remodeler's Advantage is a select group of remodelers from across the country that meet twice yearly to discuss our industry, our challenges, and how to be a better remodeler and employer. The lessons we learn from our group members' successes and failures continue to shape our business for the better.

One can easily speak for our entire team in saying that what we've built together at Mahogany Builders is the pride of our lives. We perpetuate a team and a culture far greater than the sum of its parts that provides tremendous value to everyone we interact with. The sense of pride we have when we finish a beautiful job for a happy homeowner; the sense of joy when one of our team members gets married or starts a family, these things keep our fire lit and our focus sharp.

We look forward to many more years serving Chicago homeowners and ensuring our company remains a source of pride for all concerned. 

Wesley Crocket

General Manager

Mahogany Builders

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